Sunday, January 8, 2012

Through the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays.... Back to work....

I started "vacation" on the 16th of December, 2011. I return to work tomorrow (I did work a bit two days last week). 

The Christmas Holidays were really nice, most of the family came for a visit, except for Ed who had to work, you know, that EVIL corporation Halliburton forced him to do whatever it is he does to DESTROY the environment. ROFLOL (and still typing).Susan and I had a very peaceful and private Christmas Eve, prime rib and lobster who cares about the "sides". All five grand kids and Allisa's kids were here, while quite a ruckus, made the entire holiday well worth while...

My father is improving and they are making plans for him to go home.  My mother-in-law on the other hand is in the hospital but scheduled to come home tomorrow (maybe today).

I got to spend multiple hours down the "septic tank" hole, replacing the lift station pump, don't ask you don't want to know. Talk about a sh**ty job, changing the pump qualifies.  So why not hire a plumber? good question. The pump cost almost $600.00 and really takes just a couple of hours to install once you've done it.  A plumber wants almost $2000.00 to do the same thing, Hmmm I can deal with a lot of sh*t for $1400 bucks, besides I have a washer (for the clothing I didn't toss) AND a shower. In reality it's not nearly as bad as one would assume, well considering the $1400 dollars.

I went to the eye doctor, fortunately I can still see fine HOWEVER I have developed diabetic retinopothy in both eyes. This is where blood and/or plasma leak into the eyeball and cause damage to the retina which causes blindness. Fortunately it seems that the leakage has stopped for the time being and no real vision damage has occurred.  I can however see the ghosts (in eyeball photos) of the damage that has already occurred.

As for going back to work tomorrow. I truly love my job, you know, working for another EVIL UNREGULATED corporation, ripping off the general public (right).  I feel fortunate to have liked my work at Digital Equipment, running my own consulting firm etc., and now working for Wells Fargo. I can honestly say that I learn AT LEAST one new thing (significant thing) every day, that alone makes it worthwhile? BUT there's nothing like time off to spend with friends and family....

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas Holiday and hope you have a grand 2012. (*NOTE* no political comments) lol.

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